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Exodus 19:4
You yourselves have seen what I did…and how I bore you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself.
Sometimes you want to quit. It seems hopeless and you want to give up, walk away, hide or start over. The only problem is this: wherever you go, there you are. Even if you could escape and start over, you bring yourself and all your attitudes and habits with you. You bring the same feelings, the same morals, and you may still have the consequences of your past that you must either
deal with or try to ignore—which never works.

The only effective way to start new is to BE new, and you can do that right where you are. Many of my blogs will be about changing something in your life. You CAN change; you CAN be the person you want to be. Sometimes the changes are slow, but once in a while they happen quickly; the important part is to keep moving forward. It's okay if you take baby steps, just don't stop. So when you are at end of your rope, grab hold of the end of that rope and hold on tight! Let God 'bear you up and bring you to Himself'. Your life depends on it.

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