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These Are My Students continued

The child I work with often spends hours studying for the Friday spelling test, but cannot retain those spelling words from one week to the next (and sometimes not even for the spelling test).

They cannot spell when writing sentences and stories, not even those high frequency words like said, because, friend, and does.

When they write, they just cannot remember that a sentence must start with a capital letter, and that there needs to be punctuation at the end.

Some of my students can read fluently, but cannot tell you what they have read, even after reading the same paragraph several times.

Although many of my students can read (usually with considerable effort), they have great difficulty sounding out an unknown word, even if they were taught phonics.

Many of my students have had trouble learning to tie their shoes, or other sequential tasks, because they cannot recall the steps, or the order of the steps.

They may not know, or may have difficulty repeating the alphabet in sequence.

They have tremendous difficulty memorizing things such as their address and telephone number, math facts, and multiplication tables.

They often have an unusual pencil grip, and uneven letters or illegible penmanship.

They may find it difficult to drop some letters below the line (such as 'g' and 'p'), or all their letters may be the same height, with mixed capitals and lower case, and unusually shaped.

The adults I work with will not be able to read or they will read very slowly and haltingly; those who do read will have a poor vocabulary, although there is a wide discrepancy between how they write letters or reports (short, choppy sentences with limited vocabulary) and how they speak (fluently, with a large vocabulary). They may also be a terrible speller; still have difficulty distinguishing right from left; and often get lost, even in familiar surroundings. They may not be able to read a map.

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